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Ferrari 42143 Ferrari F40 1:8 - alternate build - timtimgo

Ferrari 42143 Ferrari F40 1:8 - alternate build - timtimgo

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Ferrari F40 Technic MOC 42143 with 3580pieces and Fully Detailed Instruction

Innovative MOC set designed by timtimgo, based on the Ferrari F40 sportscar.

Why you’ll love it

  • Unbeatable Price for 3580 pcs Brick set, almost $1000 if buying from any U.S. Manufacture by yourself.
  • All our products are made of high-quality ABS materials.
  • All building blocks have a smooth surface without rough edges,
  • Material guarantees feel comfortable and can be easily connected.
  • Durable for repeatable assembly.
  • Sets are checked and double-checked to ensure that all pieces are included.
  • FREE Shipping 
      Functions & Features
      • independent suspension in front and back
      • manual steering with working steering wheel
      • openable doors with locking system
      • openable hood
      • openable rear section
      • working popup-headlights with linkage system
      • 5+R speed transmission gearbox
      • F40-V8-engine with moving pistons
      • open window in bottom to view gearbox
      • detailed interior and engine-bay
      • modular building with separate premium PDF-files
      • detailed design with printed parts
      • fits all Supercars in 1:8 scale
      • measures (all parts closed) 57cm x 26cm x 14cm/ 22*10*6 inch

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      *** This product is a MOC product and does not include a paper manual. After submitting the order, please provide your email address, and we will send the e-manual to your email address.

      All parts are quality checked before shipment, so if you find some missing or damaged parts, please don't worry. Don't hesitate to contact us; we will send it to you immediately for free.



      The V8-engine with moving pistons is directly connected through the gearbox to the rear differential. By opening and stabilizing the rear section, the engine and engine-bay can be revealed to watch inside this F40. The engine-bay is one of the most detailed part for an alternate model, with exhaust pipes completely made from the engine to the rear end. Even the crossbar from the back to the roof, that gives the real F40 more structure, has found a way into this model.

      The stabilizer-bar that keeps the rear section open can be stored safely under the rear without loosing them.


      Welcome to my most realistic gearbox so far - the 5+R speed transmission gearbox inside the middle console of the car with a shifter layout very next to the original.

      For a full wheel spin, the engine fires 1.841 times in the first gear and only 0.663 times in the fifth gear. A higher selected gear results in less friction on the drivetrain and in lower moving pistons of the engine. Following is a summary of all gear ratios, measured from wheel (input) to engine shaft (output):

      Reverse 1:1.767R
      Gear #1 1:1.841
      Gear #2 1:1.479
      Gear #3 1:1.104
      Gear #4 1:0.884
      Gear #5 1:0.663


      The model features iconic popup-headlights like the real F40 does, triggered by hand. Once the hood is open, the mechanism can be triggered to open and close the lights. This linkage mechanism is secured with a rubber band, holding the lights strong and in place.

      The following animation shows exactly how the popup-headlights works.

      More details

      The model uses most of the printed parts from its 42143 donor set, giving it the final touch and the instantly recognizable Ferrari brand.

      Doors of this F40 are implemented with a locking-mechanism. The doors snaps in automatically and stays in closed position.  

      More features to mention are the iconic black stripes around the car, the air-intakes, the slightly angled shapes, the detailed interior with printed dashboard and the front lights, that are very detailed under the trans-clear parts.

      Instructions & building process

      The premium instructions for this model comes in 5 separate PDF-files with high quality images and building steps that are very close to the original Technic-instructions. The build can be quite challenging for inexperienced builders, but is for a 18+ set of course a satisfying experience for more practiced adults. 
      Building this F40 starts on the 368 pages long main PDF with the ingenious 5+R speed transmission gearbox and the front axle to complete the front section of the chassis.

      The build continues with the second PDF and 136 pages later, the rear section is added to the front.

      After the marriage process with rear and front section, more parts are added to the chassis to make a solid structure, where every function works perfect at this point of the build. Iconic lines are more and more represented to give this model a real F40 experience.

      The third PDF takes over to complete the openable rear on 170 pages and added to the build.

      Some more details are added and the roof and windshield will be finished, getting closer to a real looking F40. On the fourth PDF, both doors are built and attached to the car 78 pages later.

      The F40 continues with the fifth and last PDF to build the hood on 185 pages with the triggering mechanism for the popup-headlights and then attached to the model. After 937 pages in total, the F40 alternate build is finished in all its glory.


      Final note

      Raising the bar for alternate models. With 95% Daytona parts used, this model pushes the limit of what is possible with a given inventory, offering builders a relative easy way to create this F40, where only the 42143 donor set is needed providing all the parts. I'm happy that I've finally managed the biggest brainfuck that I've ever had in my head with this model, resulting in the biggest model I've ever made and in one of the biggest alternate builds in history. With several functions and authentic design-features very close to the original one, this model is not only a piece to display. Have fun with this Ferrari F40 alternate build.

      Follow me on Instagram for updates and news.

      more details here



      22*10*6 inch/ 57*26*14 cm


      High-quality ABS materials; All building blocks have a smooth surface without rough edges; Material guarantees feel comfortable and can be easily connected; Durable for repeatable assembly.


      Ferrari 42143 Ferrari F40 1:8 - alternate build - timtimgo

      Assembly Instruction

      Safety and Compliance

       Safety Warning:

      • This collection is NOT designed for children.
      • Do not let children use or play with the parts!
      • Chocking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 16 years
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