LEGO Techinic Car Wall Mount

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3D Printed Wall Mount

Hand Made Exclusicve Display Case

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Wall Mount Display for your LEGO

Designed by FantasMall

Mount your LEGO on the wall

Our LEGO Wall Mount Display helps you hang and mount your LEGO Techinc Series on your wall. Creative design and Luxury quality at an unbeatable price!

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LEGO® Technic Wall Mount Detail

Securely mounting your favorite cars on a high density Fiber backboard (LEGO Set is not Included)
    Premium quality litchi grain genuine leather perfectly matches your favorite cars and let it pop
      Top of the line quality metal hook that provides more than sufficient load than your cars need
        The elegant brushed surface aluminum alloy frame adds the last perfect touch to the art piece
        We precisely measured, designed and picked all the materials you need to make the whole assembling process easy for you
           This is the best way to display your Technic Car series.
          Easy assembling process


          23*35inch /58*88cm


          Premium Quality Litchi Grain Genuine Leather/ Elegant Brushed Surface Aluminum Alloy Frame/ Hardwood Backgroun

          Assembly Instruction

          FantasMall Wall Mount Display for LEGO Tech Car Assembly Instruction



          Click to download the Detailed Assemblly Instruction 

          Safety and Compliance:

          • Warning: Do not let children use or play with the parts!
          • As wall materials vary, screws for fixing to wall are not included. For advice on suitable screw systems, contact your local specialized dealer.
          • Dry-Wall anchors and screws with  a minimum load capacity of 35lbs are suggested to be used.
          • Regularly check if all screw connections are tight and if the connectors are attached stably.
          • Young children may be injured by tipping furniture if not secured.
          • Handle with care.
          • To avoid scratching the floor and the frame, please assemble the display mount on a soft surface such as a carpet.


          LEGO Technic Wall

          Unique displays directly from our clients walls!

          What they say about us?

          • "This is by far my best buy for LEGO swags! definitely will come back/recommend to other LEGO lovers!"

            Leah, MD

          • "Wow Wow Wow!!!!Simply just wow me!!!!!!!!!!The quality of the product is exceptional! I've always bother how to showcase my baby cars. This is a must have for LEGO lovers!"

            Galvin, CA

          • "This is better in person and great quality. So happy I made this purchase and definitly recommend it to anyone looking for something unique! "

            Johnson, NY

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          Design with Passion

          We are a group of LEGO enthusiasts from Maryland, U.S who are passionate about delivering incredible designs/products to our customers. Sharing what we love and exceeding your expectations are our goals:) we're one of the largest LEGO Hanging and display stores in Mid-Atlantic region.