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Wall Mounts for LEGO Architecture Skylines 3D Printed

Wall Mounts for LEGO Architecture Skylines 3D Printed

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3D-Printed Wall Mount for LEGO Architecture Skylines - Designed by GECKO BRICKS

Why you'll love it

  • This innovative product is designed to hold and display your Lego sets securely on any wall surface, giving your collection the attention it deserves.
  • Crafted with high-quality materials, using a suite of brand-new state-of-the-art 3D printers, this display stand is both durable and stylish, ensuring that your Lego sets remain safe and secure while still looking great. 
  • The stand is easy to install using wall screws.
  • Keep your Lego collection organized and tidy with this wall-mount display stand. Making them easier to see and enjoy.
  • With the Wall Mount Display Stand, you can save valuable floor and shelf space, freeing up room to add even more Lego sets to your collection.
  • Keep your Lego sets out of harm's way with this display stand. It keeps them safe from accidental bumps, falls, and other damage when left out in the open.
  • The Lego set can be easily adjusted to display it in different orientations, making it the perfect solution to get the display just how you like it.
  • With this display stand, your Lego sets will be elevated to a whole new level. They'll be more visible, prominent, and impressive than ever.


  • LEGO® Architecture Skylines

Unique features for this mount

  • Display the set horizontally, facing either left or right. The wall mount connection allows for easy removal of the Lego set at any time.
  • This wall mount uses a single fixing and only requires a single hole to be drilled. 

- Disclaimer -

No Lego is included with this product. Only the wall mount for the described product.

These kits are 3D printed, which means that the parts are durable with comparable strength to traditional injection molded plastic (Lego Bricks). However, please note that the parts are made up of layers and may have areas that look bumpy and visually different from Lego bricks.

Additionally, these parts may contain small cosmetic imperfections, approximately 1-3mm in size, due to small variations during the 3D printing process.






Wall Mounts for LEGO Architecture Skylines 3D Printed

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