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Fanta Dog Brick MOC set

Fanta Dog Brick MOC set

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11 Breed (21 Choices with different colors). Pick your favorite Dog Friend!!

Why you'll love it

  • Dogs! Fun little builds of eleven different breeds and multiple color combos. 
  • The heads can turn, and tails can wag. Decently strong, and they make for great table toppers :)
  • All our products are made of high-quality ABS materials.
  • All building blocks have a smooth surface without rough edges,
  • Material guarantees feel comfortable and can be easily connected.
  • Sets are checked and double-checked to ensure that all pieces are included.
  • FREE Shipping 

* Originally Designed by ZiO Chao

*This is a MOC set not the original LEGO brick set

11 Fun Choices:

  • Corgi  

      Part Count:  364pieces (for both dark and tan corgies) 182pieces for one.

  • German Shepherd

      Part Count:  222pieces

  • Pug

      Part Count:  280pieces (for both pugs) 140pieces for one.

  • Taiwanese 

      Part Count:  183pieces

  • Frenchie

      Part Count:  280pieces (for bothDaschunds) 140pieces for one.

  • Shiba Inu

      Part Count:  376pieces (for both shiba-inus) 188pieces for one.

  • Basset Hound 

      Part Count:  428pieces (for both black and brown hounds) 214pieces for one.

  • Husky

      Part Count:  462pieces (for both black and dark gray huskies) 231pieces for one.

  • Dachshund 

      Part Count:  360pieces (for both Daschunds) 180pieces for one.

  • Poodle

      Part Count:  484pieces (for both black and brown hounds) 242pieces for one.

  • Toy Poodle

      Part Count:  274pieces (for all three) 81 -91 for one




    High-quality ABS materials; All building blocks have a smooth surface without rough edges; Material guarantees feel comfortable and can be easily connected; Durable for repeatable assembly.


    Assembly Instruction

    Safety and Compliance

     Safety Warning:

    • This collection is NOT designed for children.
    • Do not let children use or play with the parts!
    • Chocking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 16 years
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