Assembly Instruction

FantasMall Wall Mount Display for LEGO Tech Car Assembly Instruction


Click to download the Detailed Assemblly Instruction 

Drill Instruction: 

All of our Classic Leather Wall Mount Display Series are not pre-drilled. This is because some of our customers prefer to hang them in different positions. However, you can easily drill them with any screwdriver and the self-tapping screws we have included.

We recommend checking the following drill position for different models, which is suitable for most of our customers.

76240 Tumbler
76139 Batmobile1989
42171 BenzF1
42156 Peugeot
42143 FerrariDaytona
42141 MCLF1
42125 Ferrari488
42115 Lambo
42096 PORSCHE911
42083 Bugatti



Safety and Compliance:

  • Warning: Do not let children use or play with the parts!
  • As wall materials vary, screws for fixing to wall are not included. For advice on suitable screw systems, contact your local specialized dealer.
  • Dry-Wall anchors and screws with  a minimum load capacity of 35lbs are suggested to be used.
  • Regularly check if all screw connections are tight and if the connectors are attached stably.
  • Young children may be injured by tipping furniture if not secured.
  • Handle with care.
  • To avoid scratching the floor and the frame, please assemble the display mount on a soft surface such as a carpet.