Acrylic Display Case Assembly Instruction

Acrylic Display Case Assembly Instruction:

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1. Why aren't the received acrylic sheets transparent?

In order to avoid damage to the sheets, both sides of the sheets are covered with protective film. After cutting and production, some sheets may have rough edges, which is normal. When you receive the product, simply peel off the protective film to reveal a clear and transparent sheet.

2. Can the background of the display box with a background version be removed?

All display boxes with background versions are professionally spray-painted in a factory, and the background cannot be removed.

3. Why do the display box accessories not match the installation holes?

The installation connectors have an inner and outer direction, so please make sure to install them in order according to the installation instructions.

4. Why isn't the display box assembled when received?

Because our sheets are high-definition transparent organic sheets, the probability of damage during transportation is extremely high if assembled beforehand. Therefore, it is necessary to assemble the display box by yourself according to the installation tutorial video after receiving the product.

5. Is the display box size labeled on the internal or external dimensions?

The size labeled is the internal dimension. The external dimensions of the length and width are about 2 centimeters larger than the internal dimensions, and the external height is about 1.3 centimeters larger than the internal height.

6. What points should be noted when assembling the display box?

Before assembly, do not remove the protective film. Check for any damage to each component and confirm that there are no problems before removing the protective film and assembling it in order.

7. Will there be any errors in the grooves of the sheet?

Due to machine cutting, there may be an error of 0.3 millimeters, which does not affect the installation and is a normal occurrence, not a quality issue.